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Historic South Park Inc. Membership

This is your online access to membership in Historic South Park Inc. HSPI is a neighborhood association dedicated to improving South Park by helping to encourage development, improve parks and public spaces, combat crime, and rehabilitate structures within South Park. Any interested person living, owning property, or operating a business within the South Park area can become a member.

By becoming a member of HSPI, you are helping to revitalize our neighborhood. The yearly fee is just $10 per person, $20 per family* or $15 for businesses. You can use the button below to subscribe for a HSPI membership using the PayPal system. This system is very secure and easy to use. After you have subscribed, your membership will automatically renew itself every year.

Individual membership ($10):

Family membership ($20):

Business membership ($15):

Note: During the subscription process, you will create a PayPal account if you do not already have one. Your account will enable you to manage your subscriptions. After the subscription to HSPI is created, there is no action required on your part for your membership dues to be paid annually.

You may also mail your membership to

    Historic South Park Inc.
    PO BOX 3718
    DAYTON OH 45401-3718

Please include your name, phone number, home address and email address with the payment. You can use the available form to complete this information. Membership is free to citizens over the age of 70, upon request.

If you have further questions about HSPI membership, please contact Katherine Hill at cyberkate22 (at) earthlink.net.

* A family is considered up to two adults and their dependent children.

Membership to HSPI is a tax deductable donation. HSPI's tax ID is 31-1308721.

To use the email addresses listed on this site, replace the " (at) " with the "@" symbol.
Email webmaster (at) historicsouthpark.org with questions about this site.