2011 Officer Candidates, Special Presentation at Next HSPI Meeting, Oct. 26, 7PM

22 Oct

Meet the candidates for next year’s neighborhood association officers and help decide if our neighborhood should take action regarding our participation in the Ohio Aerospace Hub. Please attend the next meeting of Historic South Park, Inc. on Tuesday evening, October 26, 7:00 PM at Hope Lutheran Church (Perrine & Hickory. Enter through the parking lot.)

Candidates for HSPI offices are: President-Amy Lee, First VP-John Fredland, Second VP-Paul Browning, Recording Secretary-Hilary Browning, Membership Secretary-Katherine Hill, Treasurer-Galen Wilson. Come meet them and hear what they have to say! The membership will vote at the November meeting and officers will assume their new duties in January.

Also of great interest, neighbors Melissa Aldridge, Brian Ressler and Matthew Nugent will propose a forward-thinking plan to poise South Park to make the most of its inclusion in the planned Aerospace Hub, a “live, work, play” initiative. Learn more about it and help us make a beneficial decision!

If you wish to vote for next year’s officers at the November 23 meeting, your HSPI membership dues need to be current ($10 per person). You may pay at the meeting or use Paypal.

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