321 Wyoming Demolished for Safety

03 May

It’s always sad to see a once-proud home lost to neglect and greed. You’ve probably noticed the demolition in the 300 block of Wyoming Avenue. The two-story turreted house was purchased by The Home Group three years ago in hope of renovation, but in the end was unsalvageable.

Like many fine old homes during hard economic times, it fell into the hands of an owner who cut up the interior to create a multiple-family dwelling, and in doing so removed load-bearing walls. Other damages typically resulting from neglect, such as water and pest damage, were present. Even when The Home Group realized the only course was to tear it down, it stood waiting till the proper paperwork was filed and approvals were received, which takes many months.

That’s why the neighborhood is so grateful for good homeowners and good stewards who value history and care for their property.