Police Department to Expand Central Business District to Include South Park

26 Apr

Good news for South Park! Dayton Police Chief Richard Biel, accompanied by Major Mark Hess and Lt. Larry Faulkner, outlined plans to expand the boundaries of the Central Business District (CBD) to better align downtown policing services with the broader community and economic development strategies occurring in the area. The change is expected to take effect mid-May.

“It makes more sense to broaden the CBD boundaries slightly to better connect police services with the various economic and community development projects occurring in the area,” Chief Biehl said.  “As the greater downtown area grows and changes, we want our police services to grow and change with it.”

Chief Biehl cited the following developments as examples of new activity occurring in the greater downtown area:

  • Development of the Brown Street corridor connecting the University of Dayton to the center city.  This corridor is also a key artery between UD and Tech Town, and was a factor in the State’s recent designation of Dayton as an Aerospace Hub of Innovation;
  • Development of Stewart Street as the University of Dayton assumes control of the former NCR property;
  • The expansion of Miami Valley Hospital;
  • Revitalization of the Fairgrounds neighborhood around Miami Valley Hospital; 
  • Revitalization of the South Park neighborhood between Brown Street and Wayne Avenue; 
  • Continued growth of the Greater Rubicon Park neighborhood around the University of Dayton campus; and 
  • Potential new projects resulting from the Greater Downtown Plan to be unveiled in May. 

Lt. Larry Faulkner, was also present. A former beat copy in South Park, Lt. Faulkner will continue as Commander of the Central Business District, and the number of Police personnel will increase from 29 to 33.  In addition, private security maintained by the University of Dayton and Miami Valley Hospital will continue to assist with safety efforts around their properties. That means South Park will still have the benefit of Community Based Officers Smiley and Taylor who have helped us so diligently with community safety.

“Residents and property owners will continue to receive the same levelsof response times and excellent service,” Chief Biehl said.  “An expanded CBD will help balance the work load of both the Central and Second Police districts while continuing our philosophy of Problem Oriented Policing, which focuses on engaging citizens, businesses and other stakeholders in creating a safe community.”