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“A Prohibition Scandal” 1920s Murder Mystery & Home Tour

Saturday, October 1. Visit beautiful historic homes to solve a chilling 1920's era mystery. Choose from nine 1.5 hour time slots from 2pm to 6pm. Tickets are $28 and include a beverage at Wholly Grounds.
September 6, 2022
South Park News

It’s part house tour, part murder mystery. Reserve your tickets today at Eventbrite!

What is the South Park Murder Mystery?

The South Park Murder Mystery is part house tour, part murder mystery! This tour will take you back to the 1920s to a fictional murder mystery set in South Park. You will leave with a group of other “detectives” for a guided tour of five beautiful homes and locations in South Park. At each place, you will see a short scene acted by our neighbors that will give you clues about the identity of the murderer. At the end of the tour, you can submit your guess about “whodunnit” for a chance to win a prize. The tour takes about 1.5 hours and covers around 1.5 miles.

Is this a ticketed event?

Yes! You can buy your tickets at the Eventbrite link above.  Tickets are $28.00 and include light snacks at some tour stops and a cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage at the last stop on the tour: Wholly Grounds Cafe.

Can I reserve a spot in a tour group with my friends or family?

Yes! Buy tickets for you and friends/family within the same time slot to make sure you can leave with them. People in the same time slot will leave together with their assigned neighborhood guide. For example, if you buy tickets for the 3:00-3:30 time slot, that means the group will leave from Hope Lutheran at 3:30 with their guide.

What should I be prepared for?

Bring your ID. You must be 21 years of age or older to attend this event. We will be checking IDs. Mobility. You will need to be able to walk around 1-1.5 miles and be able walk up and down narrow and/or uneven historic walkways and staircases. Scariness: The mood of South Park Murder Mystery is not like a horror movie. No “jump scares”, no gore. There may be fake blood, a fake weapon or two, and some “salty language” from certain characters, however!

What can you tell me about the story?

(Please note: this story is inspired by the history of South Park, but it does not depict any real identities, names, or events.) Our story is set in 1920s Dayton, focusing on the Dayton Triangles Football team (the first NFL team in the USA). The talented Dayton Triangles quarterback, Troy Kenton, has had a fantastic year: accolades on the field, a growing fan base, and a surprise engagement to the daughter of a wealthy Cleveland businessman.

But when Troy is found dead at his boarding house–with a girlfriend who is not his fiancée and a faked suicide note–we see that all that glitters is definitely not gold. But who could do this? Well, just about everyone has a reason to want Troy dead. Between sky-high debts, mysterious trips to Lake Erie, an unscrupulous medical doctor, and an obsession with the spirit world, Troy has been leading a double life that has been cut short in gruesome fashion.

The Dayton Police are stumped, the neighbors are on edge, and the only hope to solve this high profile case rests in a group of Private Detectives brought in from around the city of Dayton…

When will the murderer be revealed?

At the end of the tour, attendees will have a chance to relax at Wholly Grounds with a cocktail or tea (included in the price of your ticket) and submit their guesses about the identity of the killer. Later that evening, emails will go out to all attendees with the killer’s identity. A random prize drawing (a gift basket of goodies from local vendors) will be held for all people who guessed the correct killer. Prizes will be delivered or held for pickup at a local business.

What is the purpose of this event?

We want to share our beautiful homes and the many talents of our neighbors with you! All proceeds from this event will be reinvested in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood council, Historic South Park Incorporated (HSPI), is proud to bring this event to you.

How do I get to the starting location?

All tour groups leave from Hope Lutheran Church, 500 Hickory Street, Dayton, OH 45410 Parking: Free parking at Emerson Academy parking lot across from Hope Lutheran Church. You may also park on South Park side streets (check street signage to make sure you can park in certain places).

Things to note:

  • 21 and older only. Your ticket comes with your choice of one complimentary cocktail or an autumnal tea at Wholly Grounds.
  • There will be a lot of walking. So put on those walking shoes!
  • These are old homes and there will be stairs.

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