Auditions for Shakespeare in South Park 2019!!

28 Jun
Shakespeare in South Park announces auditions for Tartuffe, a 1664 comedy by Moliere, translated from the French.  It’s not quite Shakespeare, but it’s very, very funny and you will love it.
Auditions:  Tuesday, July 9 and Wednesday, July 10, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Hope Lutheran Church, 500 Hickory Street.  You are welcome to come either or both nights.  Please bring your calendar for the block of time from Monday July 29 through Sunday, September 8 so that you can note any conflicts on your audition form.
If you cannot make either July 9 or 10, please contact Galen Wilson (contact info below) to set up a separate time to audition!
Rehearsals begin Monday, July 29.
Show dates:  Friday-Sunday, September 6-8.  8:00 or 7:00 p.m.; time still under discussion.
A cast list with brief description of the roles is below.  A column in this list states how many scenes each character is in.  The whole play has 15 scenes.
We also seek set builders, painters, costume sewers, and all manner of behind-the-scenes help.  Please let us hear from you!
Galen Wilson, Director
     galenwilson130 at gmail dot com
Phyllis Tonne and Scot Randolph, Co-Producers
Character Scenes Description
Orgon 9 Head of the house and husband of Elmire, blinded by admiration for Tartuffe.
Elmire 8 Orgon’s second wife; step-mother of Damis and Mariane.
Mariane 8 Orgon’s daughter; fiancée of Valère; sister of Damis.
Damis 8 Orgon’s son; brother of Mariane.  A hothead.
Mme. Pernelle 4 Orgon’s mother; grandmother of Damis and Mariane.  Highly opinionated.
Cléante 8 Elmire’s brother, brother-in-law of Orgon.  The voice of reason.
Valère 2 Mariane’s suitor
Tartuffe 6 Orgon’s houseguest; religious hypocrite; attempts to seduce Elmire.  The play bears his name but he does not appear until Act III.
Dorine 10 Family housemaid; tries to help expose Tartuffe and help Valère.  On stage about 66% of the time.
M. Loyal 1 A bailiff
Officer 1 An officer of the king
Flipote 1 Servant of Madame Pernelle (non-speaking character)