South Park News


Anonymous Donor Pledges to Fund Blommel Park Fence Repair

Thanks to a very generous neighbor, plans are finally underway to repair the $4,000 worth of damage done to the historic “hairpin” fence around Blommel Park.

South Park Community Garden Wins Grant and is on the Move for Spring 2023!

Good old SPUG has found a new home. The South Park Urban Garden is transitioning from Burns-Nathan to Burns-Jackson Park, by Emerson Academy. Start looking through those seed catalogs!

Support your South Park businesses!

We’re proud to have so many good neighbors doing business in South Park! The keep our community strong and diverse. Please shop small and local whenever you can!

A Street Card for those in Homelessness

Updated: April 2021. SPONSORED BY: The Homeless Solutions Policy Board and Partner Organizations of Montgomery County Ohio. For more information, call United Way HelpLink 937-225-3000 or 211. Collect calls are accepted.