Demolition on Adams: A Fresh Start

09 Jan

Many neighbors are rejoicing over the demolition of the cramped cottage at Adams and Nathan that happened last month. Next-door neighbor Mary Beth Haug said, “Having that cottage come down was by far the best Christmas present I could ask for. It has been a source of grief. I’m so thankful that we can start fresh and new with all the old removed.”

The structure–neglected by an absent landlord and occupied by lawbreakers–was deemed not worth salvaging by its now-owner, Brien Dyer, who bravely wrested it from the “bad guys” a few years back with the help of neighbors and has had it taken down. Thank you, Brien! He is deciding what to do with his lot. In the meantime, Mary Beth has volunteered to care for the tiny area once it is green again.

“I believe that in the spring the city is scheduled to come back out and add topsoil and grass seed. There are some some lovely fruit trees on the lot. They’ve never been pruned or taken care of as far as I know. I am planning to prune the trees this winter, but anyone else with insight on fruit trees would be welcome to take a look. I know I’ve gotten small plums off of the one tree in the past. Anyway, as you can tell, I’m thrilled that the cottage is gone!”

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