Historic South Park – Executive Board & Comittee Chair Information

Historic South Park, Incorporated

To contact the Executive Board, send an email to: [email protected]

Executive Board – 2020

Mark Keller – [email protected]

1st Vice President
Rachel Booth

2nd Vice President
Tracy Kraft

Recording Secretary / Communications
Robert Spangler

Holly Di Flora

Membership Secretary / Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa Persons

Committee Chairs + Team Leaders

Anti-Crime Chair
Open volunteer position – [email protected]

Housing Committee Chair
Mark Keller – [email protected]

Marketing Committee Chair
David Esrati – [email protected]

Parks + Green Spaces Chair
Jill Davis – [email protected]

Social Committee Chair
Yuri Childress – [email protected]

Street Captains/Block Captains Coordinator
Nick Vanderpool – [email protected]

Website Administrator
David Esrati (The Next Wave)
[email protected]