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Historic South Park Inc. General Membership Meeting Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order and Welcome Board Members Present: Mark Keller, Robert Spangler, Abby Reed, Holly DiFlora and Rachel Booth Approval of minutes from March meeting – It was motioned and […]
May 2, 2019
South Park News

Call to Order and Welcome

Board Members Present: Mark Keller, Robert Spangler, Abby Reed, Holly DiFlora and Rachel Booth

Approval of minutes from March meeting – It was motioned and seconded.  Motion passed.

Neighborhood Safety Updates

Prosecutor’s Office (Lynda Dodd):

Mark asked that people report any concerns, since there will be more as the weather improves.  There are also many new neighbors.  Let them know to report.  Abby suggested to leave porch lights on at night.  If you notice a malfunctioning street light, please report it on the Dayton Delivers app or by calling 937-333-3850.  Include the black number that is positioned vertically on the pole for easy identification.

Committee Updates
Parks: Parks committee had cleaned up all of the flower beds in the park, but they got trampled during the City Movement Church Easter egg hunt.  Jill said that this is concerning because dirty drug needles and other garbage have been found in the park before.

Courtney is organizing the Earth Day events and is asking what areas of the neighborhood we should focus on.

Jill next talked about painting the Blommel Park fence.  She thinks that 30 volunteers will be needed.  The fence will need to be sanded, wiped down, painted with primer then sprayed.  This will be on May 19 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Marketing: They have been busy working on Earth day.  David said he’s working on moving away from MailChimp and to something else that is easier to use for handling email.

Social: Abby reported that there was a decent turn out for the new neighbor party.

Reports From the Board

The city has been working on relocating lines and meters at Oak and Morton.  ?this will probably be a summer-long project.  If there’s an issue where they are moving the meter, let them know and they will work with you.  Upgrades help with remote reading for Vectren so that they don’t have to come inside the home to check it.

Mark said that the Daybreak facility sold before the scheduled auction.  Since it has not closed, they are not yet revealing who the buyer is.  We continue to attempt to identify interested parties.  Multiple people have walked through.  The prior zoning regulations in place have lapsed at this point, so anything not presently in place would have to go before zoning.  We will open up dialogue with the new owners once identified.

We are short a Vice President.  If anyone is interested in stepping up, please do.  The term is up in November.

Mark said that we continue to see the weekend delivery of the ad circulars.  They are still being delivered.  Email contact will continue.

Jill talked about the neighborhood yard sale. She knows of a neighbor who might be willing to organize it.  She asked if anyone in the group would be interested in co-chairing it with this neighbor.  We should send out a neighborhood blast to find someone.  There was a discussion about how much to charge for each house to enter and how to get people to pay.

Jill also said that the playground equipment at Blommel Park needs to be upgraded.  She suggested that we put that on a long-term plan for replacement.  Rachel pointed out that we have no insurance in the parks, so we would work with the city to upgrade the playground equipment.

Announcements and Public Comments

South Park Urban Garden: plots are available for $10 per plot.

This meeting was held in the basement because the roof is being worked on upstairs.  On May 18 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm there will be an art fundraiser at the church.

Cara talked about how she has used the Dayton Delivers app to report nuisance activities.  She asked if there is a way to get in touch with landlords to discuss issues.  It was suggested that she contact the Dayton Mediation Center.  The mediation process is voluntary, so both parties have to be willing to participate.

The next South Park Urban Drinkers gathering will be at the Barrel House on May 7 7:00 pm.

A couple individuals who are running for Dayton City Commission spoke.  A primary will be held on May 7.  The top four winners will continue to the November election.  Valerie Duncan   referred people to read her profile on Facebook.  She said that revitalization needs to occur both in the neighborhoods and downtown.

Shenise Turner-Sloss used to work in the city’s department of planning as a senior community development specialist.  In this role she managed construction and demolition projects.  She is running for Dayton city commission because she believes that the city needs to put the focus back on its residents and neighborhoods.

The City of Dayton is conducting a series of neighborhood engagement meetings throughout the year.  The next one will be held on Tuesday, May 28 5:30 pm at Haines Children’s Center, 3304 North Main Street.  This session will cover the liquor permit process.

The Miami Valley Crime Prevention Association (MVCPA) is hosting a community Engagement conference on Saturday, May 4 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at Belmont High School, 2615 Wayne Avenue.  Registration is required.  There will be eight classes covering a range of topics, including drones and police work, concealed carry permits, drug addiction and issues regarding community attitudes towards police.  For more information and to register, please visit https://www.mvcpa.info/2019-police-and-community-engagement-conference

Luke motioned to adjourn and Lynn seconded.

Adjourned: 7:57 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 7:00 pm, at Hope Lutheran Church


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