Historic South Park Inc Meeting Minutes Mar 26, 2019

03 Apr

Historic South Park Inc. General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order and Welcome

Board Members Present: Mark Keller, Robert Spangler, Abby Reed, Holly DiFlora and Rachel Booth

Approval of minutes from February meeting – Jeff Peterson motioned and Luke seconded.  Motion passed.

Neighborhood Safety Updates

Prosecutor’s Office (Lynda Dodd):

Mark Keller said that he has reached out to the police about the safety officer who used to attend the meetings.  He was informed that an officer will attend when available.

Committee Updates

Parks: Jill Davis thanked Susan Vincent for writing a grant application to Montgomery County asking for $1,600 for recycling and bench repair.  Next, she said that Nick Vanderpool organized a committee to clean up Theobald.  The city also did a street sweep.  The street looks better.

Phyllis Tonne found some salvage pieces to help with fixing the park fence.  This work has been scheduled for May 19.  An ice cream social will be held at the same time, so bring the kids!  This event will be held on June 2 in case of inclement weather.

Marketing: David Esrati said that minutes are now posted on the Historic South Park web site.  Abby informed David that the membership form is broken.  He will investigate.

Social: Savannah Webb is the new social committee chair.  Mark thanked her for stepping up and volunteering.  Abby said that the new neighbor party will be on Thursday, April 11 7:00 pm at 215 Bonner Street.  New neighbors, please come.  Old neighbors please come and drag your new neighbors along with you.

Housing: In light of the improving weather, Mark reminded everyone to obtain their certificates of appropriateness before starting any exterior work.  He also mentioned that the former Daybreak facility at 815 Wayne Avenue is up for auction.  The auction will be held at noon on April 20.  There have already been offers.

Reports From the Board

Holly DiFlora presented the January treasurer’s report.  HSPI received $623 from the hot toddy party.  Net proceeds were split with the church.  There was income of $50 in February from membership dues.  The balance at the end of February was $8749.

Jill asked if we are going to have a garden tour and Holly responded that we will not.  Kriss Gang used to plan this and he will not be here.

Mark said that the grant money for the mural has been approved.  We should receive a check soon.  Also, he is aware that the newspapers are still being strewn around the neighborhood.  He will remain in contact until it stops.

Announcements and Public Comment

The City of Dayton is conducting a series of neighborhood engagement meetings throughout the year.  The next one will be held on Tuesday, May 28 5:30 pm at Haines Children’s Center, 3304 North Main Street.  This session will cover the liquor permit process.

The Miami Valley Crime Prevention Association (MVCPA) is hosting a community Engagement conference on Saturday, May 4 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at Belmont High School, 2615 Wayne Avenue.  Registration is required.  There will be eight classes covering a range of topics, including drones and police work, concealed carry permits, drug addiction and issues regarding community attitudes towards police.  For more information and to register, please visit https://www.mvcpa.info/2019-police-and-community-engagement-conference

David said that the Patterson school site has been purchased.  Mark said that it was purchased by a developer from Columbus.  They plan on building housing for grad students and people who work at Miami Valley Hospital.

Abby said that the next bar takeover will be on Thursday, April 4 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm at mudlick Tap House, 135 East 2nd Street.

David motioned to adjourn and Lynn Vanderpool seconded.  Motion passed.

Adjourned: 7:30 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 7:00 pm, at Hope Lutheran Church