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Historic South Park June 2019 meeting minutes

Call to Order and Welcome Board Members Present: Mark Keller, Robert Spangler, Abby Reed and Holly DiFlora Approval of minutes from May meeting – motioned and seconded.  Motion passed. Neighborhood […]
July 19, 2019
South Park News

Call to Order and Welcome

Board Members Present: Mark Keller, Robert Spangler, Abby Reed and Holly DiFlora

Approval of minutes from May meeting – motioned and seconded.  Motion passed.

Neighborhood Safety Updates

Prosecutor’s Office (Lynda Dodd):

Committee Updates

Crime Prevention: Mark Keller delivered the report in Jeff Peterson’s absence.  The neighborhood has been pretty quiet.  There have been some people sleeping at, littering and using drugs at the gazebo.  Jeff and Mark have contacted the police.  They are aware of this activity and are patrolling the area regularly.

There was a report during the last meeting that 9-1-1 did not pick up.  This was due to high call volume at that time.  This does happen in larger cities.  Jeff is looking into scheduling a tour of the dispatch facilities later this year for anyone who is interested.

Housing: Lots of contact from the city regarding projects in the neighborhood.  This illustrates the development and restoration currently taking place.  It also shows that people are requesting the appropriate certificates and permits to complete their work.

Social: First PPD party was held Saturday, June 29.

Parks: Jill Davis submitted the following report:

  • This month, thank yous are in order for:
    1. Josiah Wahlrab for trimming and sweeping the District end of the 35 Pedestrian Bridge. That’s a big job, so thank you Josiah.
    2. All the volunteers that came out on Sunday June 9th to put new plants in the west end of Park Drive boulevard. The rain didn’t bother them and they did a beautiful job.
  • The City has been mowing the South Park Green more frequently and emptying the garbage there almost every week, so we’re grateful for that!
  • Abby Reed and Galen Wilson also get a thank you for continuing the cleanout of our Hope Lutheran storage room where the Parks committee stores stuff. Galen combed through old files and archived the important materials for us. Thank you!
  • Susan Vincent and Holly DiFlora are working on implementing our Montgomery County grant, which Susan tells me is going very well.
  • Our dog bag stations are still waiting for their sponsorship signs, but the Marketing chair tells me they will soon be printed, then I can collect the sponsorship $. Yay!
  • Margie and Hans have some gold paint left over from the Blommel Park fence painting project and plan to re-gild our “South Park” arches at James, Hickory, Park and Wyoming. Thank you!
  • Next for Parks: Trimming yew hedges in July.
  • Adding hosta and shrubs to our garden spaces in October.
  • This fall, we’ll create a low-maintenance plan for renewing South Park Green in 2020.

Marketing: David Esrati said that they are working on the newsletter and additions to the web site.  They received an order for a South Park T-shirt, but the order could not be fulfilled since we are out of T-shirts.  David asked for an inventory of what shirts we have left, if any, and Holly said that she would contact him about this.

Reports From the Board

Holly gave the treasurer report.  The starting balance in May was $11,656.  Earth Day sponsorships of $1,075 were deposited, and expenses for this event amounted to $947.  This project was aimed more at cleaning up the neighborhood and not making money, so it is a bonus that it did profit.  The ending balance is $11,783.

Mark said that there was a president’s meeting in May.  These are held quarterly.  Business of the city, upcoming projects and other things that will occur in the coming months are discussed.  He will inform the neighborhood of important items from these meetings.  He and Robert Spangler also attended a neighborhood input meeting.  Neighborhood representatives were teamed with other neighborhood representatives to talk about the problems they experience and to discuss solutions.  It was interesting to hear about the different issues each neighborhood experiences.

Mark asked for a motion to suspend the August meeting.  David motioned and Luke seconded.  Motion passed.

We are short a Vice President.  If anyone is interested in stepping up, please do.  The term is up in November.

Announcements and Public Comment

Luke said that there has been a lot of participation in the neighborhood garden.  They now have access to a mower through a local business.

Motioned to adjourn and seconded.  Motion accepted.

Adjourned: 7:28 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 7:00 pm, at Hope Lutheran Church


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