Historic South Park May 2019 meeting minutes

17 Jun

Call to Order and Welcome

Board Members Present: Mark Keller, Robert Spangler, Abby Reed and Holly DiFlora

Approval of minutes from April meeting – motioned and seconded.  Motion passed.

Neighborhood Safety Updates

Prosecutor’s Office (Lynda Dodd):

Committee Updates

Crime Prevention: Mark said that he heard about one car theft.  Also, after the fence painting event, an abandoned car was found in the middle of Jay Street.  When 9-1-1 was called, no one answered.  Jeff is investigating this.  The police eventually showed up to take care of the car.  Mark said that he will follow up with Jeff on the lack of answer from 9-1-1.

Housing: Mark reminded everyone to submit COAs (certificates of appropriateness) if doing exterior work to make sure that the work meets historic guidelines.  People have been cited for not obtaining COAs. A few properties have been required to redo work as a result.

Mark checked on the status of the former Daybreak facility on Wayne.  There has been no change of title as of the date of this meeting.

Social: No report

Parks: Jill Davis reported that Earth Day was a “smashing success” thanks to Courtney Colborn and David Esrati.  There was great attendance.  Jill said that it was nice to see the kids, who started out as toddlers four years ago, still involved in the event.  Many participants commented that the neighborhood is cleaner than it has been in years.  Holly said that she is still waiting for all of the checks to come in, but the event raised over $1,000. 

Jill also said that she was pleased with the turnout of the Blommel Park fence painting effort.  Members of the Blommel family, for whom the park is named, also attended.  She attributed the success of this effort to Margie Harrell, Hans Wollenberg and James Obles.  Mr. Obles made a financial contribution for the supplies.

Jill next said that she and some volunteers are working on replacing plants that were destroyed by the weather in the neighborhood’s green spaces.  Unfortunately, the garden at Short Park is not going to grow back this year because people jumped on the plants and destroyed them last year.  She will explore other ideas for plants for next year.

Marketing: No report

Reports From the Board

Holly talked about the financial report that she compiled for March and April.  The opening balance was $8,749.29.  Revenues were $3,432.29, $3,000 of which came from the mural grant received from the city.  Membership receipts amounted to $324 and the chili cook-off $108.  Expenses consisted of $524 for the dog waste stations.  The ending balance was $11,656.20.

Abby said that plans are in the works for a yard sale to take place on July 21, but she stressed that the plans are not definite.  Information is forthcoming.

We are short a Vice President.  If anyone is interested in stepping up, please do.  The term is up in November.

Announcements and Public Comment

There was a discussion about outdated playground equipment in the neighborhood.  Parents are complaining that the equipment is in bad condition.  When Jill called the city, she was informed that the equipment is not slated to be replaced for over five years.  Jill suggested a letter-writing campaign.  Mark said that he will follow up.

Motioned to adjourn and seconded.  Motion accepted.

Adjourned: 7:28 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 7:00 pm, at Hope Lutheran Church

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