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Historic South Park neighborhood meeting, 24 Sep 2019

Meeting Minutes Call to Order and Welcome Board Members Present: Mark Keller, Robert Spangler, Abby Reed and Rachel Booth Approval of minutes from July meeting – motioned and seconded.  Motion […]
October 14, 2019
South Park News

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order and Welcome

Board Members Present: Mark Keller, Robert Spangler, Abby Reed and Rachel Booth

Approval of minutes from July meeting – motioned and seconded.  Motion passed.

Neighborhood Safety Updates

Prosecutor’s Office (Lynda Dodd):

  • No report

You can contact Lynda at [email protected]

Officer Report

Officer Overholtz is filling in for Officer Brandon.  There were two unarmed robberies, one arson, three thefts from buildings, four assaults and 37 crimes in the last 30 days compared to 26 last month.  The guy who was stealing packages has been arrested.

Guest Speakers for New Development at Patterson-Kennedy Site

Robert Fiorita introduced himself, saying that he lived here until he graduated from college.  He is a licensed architect.  They are a small company of 15 employees.  Their parent company is New Village Communities.  He wants to give something back to Dayton.  He talked about the Flight, which is a proposed residential housing project that will have a total of 232 apartment units.  He explained that this project is in a different zoning district than where South Park is located, which explains why buildings of this height are acceptable.  He showed a slideshow of what they imagine the development to look like.

He said that his building would only be 6 feet taller than the Flats on Warren (60 feet).

They wish to start construction next year.

Mark Keller thanked him for his presentation.  He asked for clarification on the start date and Robert responded that they plan to start during the second quarter of 2020.  He hopes to transition into the second phase immediately after completing the first.  Each unit will average at a cost of $300,000.  He emphasized that this is a major commitment.  David asked about the restrictions per occupant and where would people park while the second phase parking project is under construction.  Robert answered that the second phase development will occur during the summer when most units are empty.  In Oxford, they were required to have a parking space per bedroom, but the parking has been 40% vacant this past year.  He cited various other projects where parking vacancies have been on the rise.  His experience aligns with the standard expectation for complexes that house students – 50?% parking occupancy.  1.7 parking spaces will be available per unit, and each unit is designed to have four occupants.  There was a discussion about existing parking problems and how new projects impact them.  Someone asked about parking fees.  Robert responded that surface parking will be free, but parking in the garage will cost.  He was asked if he has considered not charging for parking in the structure to incentivize people to park there.  He responded that it is not financially feasible.

Committee Updates

Crime Prevention: Jeff Peterson said that he circulated a notice on the patrol page three weeks ago when they had the guy on video stealing packages.  His probation was revoked due to older charges.  He will be in jail for 160 days.

The guy who stole the bike has not been caught as of today.

Housing: No report

Social: Halloween parade on Halloween!  Also, they are changing how the social committee is formed so it will get bigger.  Let Abby or Jill know if you’d like to join this committee.

Parks: Jill Davis submitted her report via email.  Here are the key highlights:

  • Montgomery County Recycles $1600 Grant paperwork nearing Completion
  • Chris Cummings offered to donate hostas from his garden to fill in the shady spaces on Park Dr. at Alberta
  • Small cleanup of overgrowth on two blocks of Burns boulevard. Removing the honeysuckle and creepers in the shrubbery. Not yet scheduled, just sometime before it gets too cold. Only a few volunteers required.
  • In regards to Christmas decorations on the boulevard, we’ll explore the purchase of a fiberglass pole for draping the trees in lights, as opposed to putting an extension ladder up into the tree inviting injury. A committee member may have one to donate.
  • South Park Urban Garden continues to gather more interest, particularly from residents at the Warren-Brown apartment complex.

Marketing: David Esrati said that the newsletter that was distributed by mail was a shorter version.  There is a larger one in the works.  He needs $450 to print 1,000 copies which will be in the format of a six-page trifold.  David made this motion, Jeff seconded. Motion passed.

There are new, vinyl signs on the dog poo boxes.  David said that this will be used on other signs around the neighborhood.  Holly DiFlora added that we have a grant for the recycling and involved materials; the organization is not paying for it.

Reports From the Board

Treasurer: Holly provided a finance update for June, July and August.  The starting balance was $11,783. Income was $800, with $570 from porch, patio and deck parties in July and August, $120 from late Earth Day sponsorships and $110 from memberships.  A total of $1,306 was spent, with $600 for dog bag dispensers on Park Dr. $600 for landscaping and $90 for porch, patio and deck party supplies.  The current balance is $11,277.

Mark said that he along with other neighbors attended meetings with the developer of the Patterson-Kennedy site to provide their input.  Changes were made based on concerns that were raised by citizens and the city.  We have the right to way in formally and to prepare a letter voicing the positive and negative issues regarding the proposal.  Mark asked Jim Wall to provide his insight, since he is a professional in this area.  Jim said that this project belongs downtown and that it does not enhance our neighborhood.  He said that they have a great looking project, but it is not harmonious with the rest of the neighborhood.  Like with the South Park Flats project, we have the opportunity to influence the outcome of this project.

Mark said that we are in the position to inform the city of whether we support or do not support the project as proposed.  Jim added that he does not believe that there will be a second stage or parking garage.  He said that we could end up with a big box building along with a large, surface parking lot.  They are interested in maximizing the number of units that they can and not modifying the project significantly.  Kelly Johnson motioned that we draft a statement expressing that this project as proposed is not harmonious with the neighborhood as well as listing all other concerns. Seconded by Luke.  The motion passed.

Announcements and Public Comment

David said that the Shakespeare in the Park play done this year was one of the most entertaining shows and that he really enjoyed it.  It is distinctively South Park and is what makes this neighborhood amazing.

Tom Ostendorf said that the recent principal hired at Emmerson has gotten the average grade up from F to C.

From previous meetings:

Mark said that a mini grant has been approved for Preservation Dayton.  They are redoing a program that they have done in the past.  They previously identified properties in the neighborhood which are unique historically or architecturally, or had important people from the past who may have lived in them.  They are asking for people to contribute as it relates to their property or anything they may know about it.  Get in touch with Mark if interested.

We are short a Vice President.  If anyone is interested in stepping up, please do.  The term is up in November.

Adjourned: 8:32 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 7:00 pm, at Hope Lutheran Church

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