Historic South Park Street Captains Roster

14 Feb

To help you with any questions you may have about the neighborhood, Historic South Park has Street Captains throughout the neighborhood. Street Captains are volunteers who welcome new neighbors and help address issues for their designated portion of the neighborhood. If your street is not included, you still have the opportunity to volunteer! Email Amanda Moran at [email protected].

Street Captain Phone Email
Adams St. vacant
Alberta St. Betsy Wilson 222-7324 [email protected]
Bonner St. Brian Ressler 789-1277 [email protected]
Bradford St. Karen Curfman 396-1662 [email protected]
Bradley St. vacant
Burns Ave. Nathan Stevens 361-0762 [email protected]
Clover St. Natalie Fuller 223-6514 [email protected]
Cross St. Kurt Horner 224-3106 [email protected]
Garrett St. vacant
Hickory St. Patrick Reed (513)706-4907 [email protected]
James St. Meredith Sauer [email protected]
Jay St. Matt Nugent 231-3309 [email protected]
Johnson St. Phyllis Tonne 225-9524 [email protected]
Morton St. Steve and Tanza Everding 220-9017 [email protected]
Oak St. (East of the church) Carli Dixon 902-1722 [email protected]
Oak St. (West of the church) Erin Gillespie [email protected]
Park Dr. (West of Alberta) Angie and Anthony Holzberg 222-6719 [email protected]
Park Dr. (100 block) vacant
Park Dr. (200 block) Kenny Moore 226-9851 [email protected]
Park Dr. (300 block) Tammy Butler 461-2224 [email protected]
Perrine St. Bill and Amy Kennedy 227-1338 [email protected]
Wyoming St. Kelly Johnson 443-0185 [email protected]