HSPI Housing Committee Update: February 24, 2015

24 Feb

February 24, 2015 – HSPI Housing Committee Update:

Dayton Is Yours (D.I.Y.) Housing Inspection Program        http://maps.cityofdayton.org/public/diyviolationmap/index.html
The deadline to apply for an appeal to the appraised property value is March 31st:

  • To apply for a hearing to dispute or adjust your homes assessed value, please visit:


  • Click on the ‘Value Dispute’ tab and be sure to read the links for information, hearing preparation, terms, and rules.
  • To get the form, use the Form tab on the main home page and click on the ‘View/Print’ link for ‘Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property (BOR)’.

Dark winter night reminders:

  • Help keep our streets well lit during these dark winter months, if you see an on/off flickering street light or one that’s completely off, have the 5-digit pole number ready and call Miami Valley Lighting at 937-333-3850 or 1-888-316-2393. (Please note a 2-digit pole number refers to a privately owned/operated street lights and the owner would need to call for bulb replacement).
  • Consider adding a night light from DP&L: For $7.95/month (2yr min) usage charge (or you can split the cost with an agreeable neighbor) DP&L will install for free an additional street light.  Consider helping to brighten up our alleys which sometime serve as arteries for criminal activity. Application is online and it roughly takes 3-6 weeks to get light installed.

Getting to know our Housing code – excerpts from Dayton Municipal Housing Code R.G.C.O.93:

  • SNOW DAY EDITION (from R.G.C.O.95):

o        Sec. 95.12. – Snow removal:  No person removing snow or other form of frozen precipitation from private property shall push, plow, shovel, blow or otherwise deposit that snow or other form of frozen precipitation onto any public street or sidewalk within the city, except the tree lawn area immediately in front of the private property from which the snow or other form of frozen precipitation is removed. No person shall remove snow or other form of frozen precipitation from private property in such a manner as to block or obstruct the use of a public street or sidewalk, or to conceal or obstruct the use of a fire hydrant or street sign. (Ord. 30496-05, passed 11-9-05)

o        (NEW 2014) Sec. 95.17. – Removal of snow and ice:  It shall be the duty of the owner or of the occupant of each and every parcel of real estate in the city abutting upon any sidewalk, to keep the sidewalk abutting his premises free and clear of snow and ice, and to remove therefrom all snow and ice accumulated thereon within a reasonable time, which will ordinarily not exceed 12 hours after the abatement of any storm during which the snow and ice may have accumulated.  (Ord. 9712, passed 9-30-14) / Cross reference— Penalty, see § 95.999.

o        (NEW 2014) Sec. 95.18. – Assessment for removal of snow and ice: If within a reasonable time, after the abatement of any storm during which snow or ice shall have accumulated on any sidewalk, the occupant or owner of the premises abutting thereon shall not have removed the snow and ice therefrom as is required by § 95.17, then the city may remove the snow and ice and the cost thereof shall be assessed against the lots and lands abutting the sidewalk thus cleaned. Notice of the assessment shall be given to the owners of the lots and lands charged therewith either by mail or by publication in the newspapers with which a contract for advertising shall have been made by the city, and all assessments not paid within ten days after the giving of notice shall be certified, together with a penalty of five percent by the City Accountant to the County Auditor for collection.  (Ord. 9712, passed 9-30-14)

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