Join the Historic South Park Leadership Team!

26 Oct


Be a candidate for the 2015 Historic South Park executive team! There are three HSPI Executive Board positions up for election this November for a 2 year term: 1st Vice President, Membership Secretary and Recording Secretary. If you’d like to help make the neighborhood even better, toss your hat in the ring!

What does HSPI do?  In very general terms, our neighborhood association focuses on: Improving housing stock, a safer neighborhood, nurturing community, and advocating for our interests with the City and prospective developers. We rely on your voices and volunteerism to make things happen!

If you’re interested in running for office, please contact Joel Pruce with the Nominating Committee at [email protected].

Please see further information below about the roles of the board positions that are up for election this year.

1st Vice President
Runs meetings in the absence of the president. Becomes president if the current chief steps down.
Duties as delegated by the president. In addition: bringing suggestions to the team for outbound events (those that promote South Park to the public).

Membership Secretary
Takes attendance at each meeting. Maintains list of members with contact information. Makes list available to members. Send out monthly meeting notices. In addition: This role would make an excellent Volunteer Coordinator, a recruiter, trainer, leader of volunteers, helping members find suitable ways to contribute to the neighborhood.

Recording Secretary
Records minutes of the Board and Membership meetings. Maintains a file of all past minutes. Oversight of the HSPI emails and Facebook pages, working with marketing/advertising /PR/webmaster in the timely dissemination of news/info/surveys. Keeps an annual meeting/events calendar, alerting planning teams to possible conflicts.