Keep the Momentum Going! Renew your Membership!

16 Jan

Hi Friends and Neighbors! Thank you for being members of our non-profit neighborhood association, Historic South Park, Inc. We can’t thank you enough for all you do as citizens, homeowners, neighbors, volunteers and friends to make our neighborhood such a great place to live.

We hope you have received by our annual membership drive letter asking you to renew for 2012.  We’ve attached a pdf of the letter itself, if you need another copy. And for those of you who are new to South Park, we’d love to have you as members.

It doesn’t cost much ($10 individual, $20 family/household, $15 business, free if you’re 70+) and it helps us do so much.  Grab your checkbook (or Paypal) and take care of it today so we can start the year flush and committed to doing more great things!

HSPI membership letter 2012

Thank you for helping in our mission of promote South Park, prevent blight, support safety and build  a strong social fabric!