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10 Feb

Eric DorneyAfter the 2014 edition of Small Business Saturday in South Park, we heard from quite a few people who were surprised to learn that there were so many businesses in South Park – many that were new to them. So, over the next year or so, we’re aiming to fix that. We’ll be sharing question and answer pages featuring businesses located here in the neighborhood.

First up – Eric Dorney of Motivated Motions:

How do your business come to be? or What made you decide to take the plunge and open your own business?

I had been a personal trainer for about two years at a local gym and had noticed that I didn’t like the way clients were treated in the sense that most of them were seen as a form of products on a conveyor belt just trying to get through the door to sign up for a 6 or 12 month program that they may or may not really want and be locked in to a large payment after trying something in finding out it wasn’t for them. I wanted to open my own place with my own guidelines and my own set of eyes and beliefs towards clients as a person not as a “$” sign. I wanted to put back the “personal” in personal training. Plus, my boss is a pretty great guy. (It’s me. Ha)

Why did you decide to open your business in South Park?

I have been a resident of South Park about five years and I really enjoy the people within the community that are trying to give back and turn South Park around. As I was searching for places to open my studio I decided that it would be great to find a place within South Park to help give back to the neighborhood and establish another place that people could be proud of, appreciate and call part of their home.

What is the most challenging part of the work you do and being a small business owner?

The hardest thing that I find with the job is trying to be involved in the clients life as much as possible with all the information that they give me. I’m not saying it’s a challenge because it’s a lot of “hard” work but because I may only see a client a few hours out of the 168 hours in a week so it’s my job to learn as much about them as I can when they’re not in here and figure out a way to integrate fitness, nutrition, and mental strength into their life in a workable and productive way.

What do you love the most about owning your own business?

Making my own hours…? Ha. Just kidding. The clients actually do that. But what I really love most is having the freedom to think outside the box and apply my methods they way that I feel will best suit my clients needs. And then seeing my methods bring the best results possible to each individual client.

What is the most unusual thing you sell/create or offer in your business?

Camaraderie. The idea of not only being able to find a good workouts at my studio but the other concepts like friendship, motivation, community, support, accountability, and coaching are all just as big of integral parts to what I offer as a personal trainer.

Other than your own business, name one of your favorite South Park spots.

South Park Tavern!!!

What is the best thing about your customers/clients?

Being able to put the “Personal” back in personal training. The one-on-one time spent with someone is what makes this business work so well.

Describe your brand/business in 3 words.

Private. Personal. Professional.

What inspires you?

Honestly… The success of those around me (personally and professionally) and how it’s a constant reminder to stay on my path for the future.

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

I thought I was going to preform the first concert in outer space. I thought I was going to be a Rockstar Astronaut. Don’t ask. Ha.

What’s your business philosophy?

The clients come first. It seems a lot of times in so many businesses are worried about what the owner wants or what’s going on higher up or even things like money, organization, policies, and things of this nature. What I’ve come to find that as long as I put the best interests of my clients first and deliver not only what they want, but more importantly what they don’t even know they NEED and by any means possible … that everything else will just fall in place by itself.

Any future plans for new services, offerings or expansion?

We already offer a wide variety of services such as specific training, weight management, nutritional planning, functional training and many other things. I’m always wanting to expand my education and be able to offer the best experience I can possible and will continue to do so. Hopefully here in the next year or so I plan to hire on some more trainers as well as expand into a larger facility with even more services as well as large group classes and a separate gym area.

With so many fitness options – what do you do differently and why should people choose you?

With the world of flooded with so much information about fitness, health and general well-being it’s definitely difficult to make a choice these days. What separates me from so many other training options is the ability for the one on one and for the tried-and-true methods I have been practicing for years that I’ve proven to be a success. Unlike some 30 day challenge, diet or other regiment, The work and commitment we do together lasts a lifetime. It is about making a change forever and learning how to apply what we do together outside of the session. It’s not about temporary fix. I teach the life choice.

What surprises new clients the most about working with a trainer?

Two things… How much actual hard work (mentally and physically) it takes to get where you want to be. And how rewarding and how much fun it can be!

What is one of your guilty food pleasures?

I’ll give you two… Beer and cheese. It’s the German heritage in me. (See why I like the South Park Tavern so much?)

What do you do to stay in shape?

Sorry. That’s a company secret.

How should someone go about selecting a trainer?

By asking questions. A lot of them. When you first start speaking to someone who is a personal trainer no matter what your goals (short and long term), setbacks, attributes, age, or any other factor that would be a contributor to you achieving what you need,… That trainer should be able to answer any and all those questions right on the spot. And if it anytime you feel like they’re being too vague, not answering what you want or just giving you an half assed answer…

Then they are not the trainer for you. Ask your questions and get your answers, that’s the trainer that’s going to know what to do for you and how to do it.

What certification or training do you have to complete to be a trainer?

There are many company’s/organizations out there that offer CPT or CFT programs. (ISSA, NASM, ACE to name a few). You can also’s complete some college degrees as well like a CSCS. You need the general certification along with as many others as you can get but I’ll be honest, just like every other skill in life, 90% of what matters, you learn in the field. And what works for the trainer as an individual will almost never be what works for everyone else.

Name one or two commonly overlooked ways people can do on their own to improve their health/ or stay in shape?

Quality of sleep and stress management. It doesn’t matter how “great” your workouts are or your diet, if you sleep terribly and are stressed out all the time you will not be able to make the changes necessary to the overall quality of life in order to live a healthier life style. I am paraphrasing, of course. I could talk for hours just about those two subjects alone.

Anything else you’d like to share or would like people to know about?

Taking better care of yourself and improving your quality of life is a journey that all of us should embark on. No ones life is perfect and nor should anyone feel discouraged about their own. Taking the steps towards a better quality is what I am here to do and very much enjoy doing. I look forward to meeting new people and chatting with them about whatever comes their way and I’m happy to be doing it in South Park.

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