Meeting Minutes: Oct. 27, 2020

28 Oct

Here are the minutes of our most recent meeting, pending member approval. Thank you for attending, in person or virtually. We need you!

NOTES FOR THE HSPI October 27, 2020 Informal Meeting


  • 3 execs – Mark Keller, president; Holly Diflora, treasurer; Tracy Kraft 2nd VP (virtually)
  • 15 neighbors in person
  • 18-20 neighbors online (via Facebook Live)

Call to order: 7pm, Hope Lutheran Church downstairs dining room.

Crime Report:

Crime is at an all-time low. Thanks to vigilant neighbors who will not turn a blind eye to crime. We still have chronic neighbors who trespass, steal, deface property, inhabit/trash empty houses and refuse the help offered by our social safety net and local charities. While we do have to live with these neighbors, we can still keep our garages, porches and alleys safe by either calling the non-emergency number 937-333-2672 (COPS) or if you feel comfortable doing so, you can approach them personally and explain that you will not tolerate their behavior.

Traffic Safety Concerns:

  • Oak Street (west end). Speeding vehicles and increased traffic posing danger; animals have been hit.
  • Adams Street. Late night emergency vehicles traveling at high speed using sirens.
  • Hickory Street. Excessive speeding; parked vehicles have been hit; neighbors exploring the addition of more speed bumps; continued traffic violations at Emerson Academy as vehicles stop/stand illegally, blocking traffic.

Parks Committee Report:

  • Thanks for the generous donations from neighbors for plants, mulch, pea-gravel, gator bags, water, keeping the dog bag stations filled and general labor.
  • The gazebo roof at Park Drive has a high chance of getting replaced this year by the City.
  • For the playground at Blommel Park, we requested additional mulch under the swings and lowering the swings with the addition of longer chains.
  • Re playground equipment update: neighbors would like to pursue a grant to fund new playground equipment. Per the City, we’d need to raise $30K + and an additional 10-15% for installation (the City contracts to specialty intallers).
  • No more free annuals for Dayton neighborhoods, as the greenhouse has demolished and will not be rebuilt.

Housing Report:

Warren Street Development/South Park Flats:  The second building of Phase 1 (600 block of Warren Street) of the development of the former Cliburn Manor acreage will be 51 apartments instead of condos. No retail on the first floor. This has already been approved by Zoning. No underground parking as previously planned. The building is now smaller to create space for the additional surface parking needed.  As for the remaining acreage (between Nathan and Alberta), the developer (Citywide) only recently acquired the land and it needs an environmental cleanup, which means it may still be years away from breaking ground. The original plan for its development is still in place: single family homes along Alberta, town homes along Nathan.

Wyoming Street Development/The Flight: The developers of this upscale student housing/hospital staff apartment building have decided to build only one of the two buildings originally planned for. It will house 109-units. The building will be set back farther off the street for more greenery/landscaping, and there will be surface parking only, no garage. They are interested in purchasing land from the American Legion 675 at 31 Chambers for additional surface parking. The building design remains the same as previously approved by Zoning.

Jackson Burns (South Park Green) Tiny homes: Owners of the 8-10 parcels east of Emerson Academy at the foot of South Park Green are still very interested in developing the property but are on indefinite hold.

Wayne Avenue (1132, 1243, 1247) Tire store/Cell phone store/Wireless Store: Owner Yasar Guzel is an involved South Park neighbor who hopes to improve these properties once the leases have expired on the businesses that currently occupy them, which is still 2 ½ years away. He has no development drawings yet.

The Silver Slipper 1105 Wayne: Owner Simon said the building has passed inspections and occupancy requirements. He is waiting for the liquor permit. We do not know if the building needed/received a parking variance from Zoning.

Social Committee Report:

  • The HSP Inc. Porch, Deck and Patio parties did not meet this since the format does not accommodate social distancing. The downside is that we have had an influx of new neighbors who have resorted to chatting only online with mixed results. We have not been able to know one another in person and get the full dimension and humanity of our neighbors.
  • Luckily, the UFC is active. The Unofficial Fun Committee (Phillip Neumann, Sean+Cole Clark, Angie Bailey) has invented, organized and run delightful outdoor family activities this year. Nerf parties, water sports and now a Fall Festival incorporating HSPI’s Halloween Costume Parade.  HSPI will support them financially. We ask that after the event, the UFC submits their receipts, for which they will be reimbursed. Please drop them off to Treasurer Holly at 67 Park (use The Home Group mailbox on the west side of the building).
  • Neighbors have floated an idea for a Christmas event, and may ask neighbors to decorate lavishly, so we can enjoy bright winter lights during a drive or walkaround with possible treats/drinks handouts from porch participants.

Volunteer Opportunities:

South Park offers tons of opportunities to be engaged! We can always use your skills and talents to help building a strong community and will find a way for you to participate as much as you like.

HSPI Board Positions. The positions of Recording Secretary and Membership Secretary are open. If you’d like to serve, email [email protected].  Two officers are serving beyond their two-year terms as HSPI meetings/elections were on hold for the pandemic. President and Treasurer positions will need candidates once we’re no longer in outbreak mode.

Social Committee:  Contact Chair Yuri Childress via Facebook if you’d enjoy being on her committee once HSPI can safely resume its social and events calendar.

Street Captains: We never have enough! Street captains hand out printed notices to their own block/street/or any territory they would like to self-assign. Contact Chair Nick Vanderpool via Facebook and let him know what you can handle.

Marketing/Promotion volunteers: Email [email protected] if you’d like to help promote and market events and fundraisers as needed; write, photograph and post news for the website, Facebook page, Instagram, posters and possible newsletters.

Parks Committee volunteers: Email [email protected]. We have an ongoing need for volunteers to care for our parks and green spaces, as needed. You’ll get dirty.

Meeting adjourned, 8PM.