More Pedestrian/Bike-friendly Streets and Business Development Coming “Next Door!”

10 Jul

Most neighbors enjoy the short walk from their front door to Brown Street, the business district near the University of Dayton, to enjoy the impressive variety of  coffee shops, pubs and cafes. They will enjoy it even more in the future!

The City of Dayton has accepted a $950,000 federal grant to begin to turn the area into a pedestrian friendly thoroughfare with bike lanes, more trees and less traffic congestion. You can read the entire article in the Dayton Daily News. The improvements are part of a plan to bring businesses to the area, as an incubator of aerospace technology jobs.

City officials have a vision of the Brown/Warren street corridor as a place to work, eat and play–and with South Park immediately adjacent, it becomes a wonderful work-live-eat-play proposition. As if we weren’t already living in a great location!