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Introducing the neighbors who have generously volunteered to run for leadership positions on behalf of the neighborhood. So many interesting and talented people live in South Park!
November 2, 2021
South Park News

Three Historic South Park Inc. (HSPI) Executive Board positions are up for election this November for a 2-year term, including: President, Second Vice President and Treasurer. We also need a First Vice President to complete the term left open as Rachel Booth steps down this year and a Recording Secretary to complete the term left open since Robbie Spangler stepped down. Those have already been appointed by the current executive team.


Mark is a tax attorney by profession, but a weekend carpenter/rehabber at heart.  He moved to South Park nearly 30 years ago and has worked to restore many neighborhood homes and buildings personally and as part of organizations.  Mark has previously served as Treasurer for HSPI and has held leadership positions on other South Park and City non-profits focused on neighborhood development.  Mark lives with his wife Karin on Hickory St., and they are owners/landlords for multiple neighborhood properties including the Ghostlight Coffee building.

When I first moved to South Park, it required constant action by everyone to stabilize the neighborhood and prevent decline.  While the homes and neighborhood have improved dramatically over time, work is still needed to maintain and improve the quality of life for all South Park residents. I view HSPI as an asset to our residents and believe that my leadership, problem solving skills, and creativity will help HSPI continue to advocate for the neighborhood and build community within.

I would like to see an increase in neighborhood events, especially the return of home tours.  Additionally, I plan to work to engage and encourage newer residents to understand the opportunities and tools available to them to keep South Park an enjoyable and safe place to live.


 Dr. Sarah Dugan, CCC-SLP

Sarah is a clinical researcher and speech-language pathologist at the University of Cincinnati who develops technologies to assist in therapy for children with speech disorders. She has studied and lived in different cities, such as Dingolfing/Munich in Germany, Morgantown in West Virginia, and Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Sarah moved to South Park in 2020 and lives on Hickory Street with her husband and two cats.

As a new resident of South Park, I have enjoyed meeting many new people through our recent neighborhood kickball and bowling teams, the PPD parties, and service activities like the Earth Day clean-up event. I have lived and worked in many different places, and through these experiences, I have learned the importance of making people feel welcome and valued. My job means that I am always interacting with people who come from different backgrounds and fields, so I am comfortable asking lots of questions to better understand what I don’t know. I have met so many wonderful people in South Park, and I hope to be a good friend and neighbor by contributing to HSPI this year

Veronica Court

Veronica is a lifelong Daytonian. She grew up in Oakwood, attended University of Dayton School of Law and practiced law before beginning her career as a civil servant in government contracting. She and her husband moved to South Park in 2018 and immediately felt a sense of belonging. She is an avid animal lover and has fostered many South Park strays.

Serving on HSPI’s Board would be a genuine privilege, and I would use this opportunity to encourage community engagement in our neighborhood after our long COVID slumber. My problem solving and interpersonal skills will be valuable assets to the HSPI Board. I appreciate your consideration.


Holly DiFlora (incumbent)

Holly is the owner/broker of The Home Group Realty Company at 67 Park Drive. She has been actively involved in the revitalization of the Historic South Park neighborhood since 2006.

I am so proud to be a part of this vibrant, caring neighborhood.  I see serving on the Board as a way to give back and as a way to help continue the wonderful work that has been done and is being done.

In my role as a realtor who focuses on the South Park neighborhood, I am in a position to meet people who are looking to move here or have recently purchased a home.  This gives me the opportunity to talk to them about HSPI membership and of the many volunteer needs.  Also, as owner of numerous rental properties and as a property manager for others I also have the opportunity to make renters feel welcome and help them become active members of the neighborhood.

APPOINTEES: these are appointments made by the 2021 Exec Team to fill the remaining one year of the positions that are not up for re-election until 2023.

1st Vice President

Nick Vanderpool

Nick works as a systems engineer, has served as block captain for three years, and has been involved in various neighborhood projects for roughly five.

I’ve gotten to know many of my neighbors here in South Park and feel it’s a warmer, more tightly connected place than anywhere else I’ve lived.  Though I’m a little short on time these days, I’m happy to help in any way that I can.  I view transparency and notifying the community about any large decisions that may impact the neighborhood as the most important aspect of serving on the HSPI board.

Recording Secretary

Elizabeth Horner

I have been a Historic South Park resident for 28 years. I have served as the recording secretary for HSPI for four years, in the mid-90’s. I have participated in alley sweeps, earth day clean ups and many other South Park events. I have had children graduate from Stivers and CJ. I love Dayton and think our neighborhood has come so far in the last few years. We have even more potential as a neighborhood and I am excited to serve on the board in order to help us reach that potential.

Read on in case you’re not familiar with officer duties.


President (Currently Mark Keller, who will not run for re-election)
The HSPI president is responsible for leading all regular and special meetings of both the council and executive board. He appoints committee chairs and helps find support for them as needed. The president also maintains relationships with neighborhood partners and city officials to advocate for South Park.

First Vice President (Currently Rachel Booth, who is stepping down before her term is complete. This position will be up for election in November 2022). Runs meetings in the absence of the president and first VP. Becomes president if the current president steps down. Duties as delegated by the president. In addition: brings suggestions to the team for outbound events (those that promote South Park to the public).

Second Vice President  (Currently Tracy Kraft, who will be stepping down)Runs meetings in the absence of the president and first VP. Becomes president if the current chief and first VP step down. Duties as delegated by the president. In addition: brings suggestions to the team for inbound events (those that promote South Park to its neighbors and encourage community).

Membership Secretary (Currently Heath MacAlpine, who is not up for re-election). Heads up an annual membership drive. Takes attendance at each meeting to ensure those who vote are members in good standing. Maintains list of members with contact information. Makes sure monthly meeting notices go out. In addition: This role would make an excellent Volunteer Coordinator, helping members find suitable ways to contribute to the neighborhood.

Treasurer (Currently Holly DiFlora, who has agreed to stay on if re-elected). The treasurer is responsible for all council funds and financial affairs. A financial report is given at each membership meeting.

Recording Secretary (OPEN POSITION – need a candidate who can complete the remaining term and be up for election in November 2022). Records minutes of the Board and Membership meetings. Maintains a file of all past minutes. Oversight of the HSPI emails and Facebook pages, working with marketing/advertising /PR/webmaster in the timely dissemination of minutes/news/info/surveys. Keeps an annual meeting/events calendar, alerting planning teams to possible conflicts.

Starting Tuesday, November 16, members will now have the chance to cast their votes for the neighborhood executive team online. In- person voting will take place at the beginning of the November 23 meeting.
If you are a HSPI member in good standing and would like to vote virtually, here’s what to expect: Every member of HSPI with an email on record will receive an email from electionrunner.com Tuesday, November 16 at noon. Email [email protected] if you’re unsure about your membership status or email address on file

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