Renew Membership, Give a Holiday Gift to South Park

10 Dec

The holidays remind us to be thankful. We’re very thankful for you.

At year’s end, we always like to stop and take stock of what’s been happening in Historic South Park. We’ve welcomed lots of great new neighbors and spent some time with the old. We’ve seen a record number of individual rehab actions from people bringing back historic homes, and competitive rental activity as young professionals discover our awesome location. We’ve also had to defend against negative investment, work to keep our alleys clean and been vigilant for safety with the help of our Community Based Police Officers. It’s you, the people who’ve decided to make South Park home, that deserve our heartfelt thanks.

We know how lucky we are to volunteer on behalf of a community of close, smart, determined people who give South Park its casual and friendly character. We’re all aware, too, that to enjoy true community you can’t just buy a beige vinyl-sided house, close your garage door against the world and watch reality TV. True community takes neighborly interaction, attending neighborhood parties, strolling with your dog and greeting passers by, watching out for one another, sitting on the porch, chatting with your friends on the park bench, walking and biking down our sidewalks and alleys–in ways large and small, it’s important we all know what’s going on in South Park and take responsibility for it.

Having a strong neighborhood association is important, too. One that works to nurture community, promote positive development, safety and advocacy. Your support, via membership dues and tax-deductible donations to Historic South Park, Inc. keeps our all-volunteer organization going. Thank you for joining, renewing–and perhaps giving something extra–this year.

Next year, we will be writing to everyone again in December, but we’ll also be renewing your membership every 12 month, so if you joined in July 2013, we’ll be asking you to renew in July 2014.  You can use  Paypal, or print out this form and send it by U.S. mail.

Thank you. And from your friends in South Park, we wish you the Merriest of Holidays!