So Much Fun Stuff within Ten Minutes of Historic South Park!

08 Mar

In Historic South Park, we don’t always wrestle with decisions around urban renewal. Decisions about which fun event to attend  are tougher and more frequent! Thanks to South Park’s handy location, it seems the majority of events are within ten minutes bike or drive, and if you decide to walk–say over the pedestrian bridge to Oregon District–it’s just a few more minutes by foot!

Take this coming Sunday, for example, March 11. From noon till ten the NCAA First Four Festival  turns the Oregon District into a street fair.  Oscar winner Julia Reichert is presenting her landmark film Growing Up Female at the Dayton Metro Library (free) at 2pm.  Famed tenor Marcello Giordani’s in recital at the Schuster at 3!!  You could squeeze a few things in with the Hoopla!!! Sunday brunch at Dayton Woman’s Club anyone?

A great e-newsletter to subscribe to for Downtown activities is the e-Vents newsletter. But of course, there is much to enjoy at the University of Dayton campus–arts, sports, lectures–and south of town as well–like Fraze Pavilion. And you already know it’s as easy as pie to jump on the freeway to go visit your friends in Cincy and Columbus (not a bad drive to Chicago for the weekend either…). Just some things to think about as spring comes our way!