Theresa Gasper Honored as Community Leader

25 Oct

Theresa Gasper, activist, developer, friend to so many in South Park is officially a Top Ten Woman!

For 48 years,  The Dayton Daily News has recognized ten female outstanding community leaders who have made a significant impact on life in the Miami Valley.  Has Theresa made a “significant impact”? Neighbors in Historic South Park say, “Has she ever!”  Any walk around the neighborhood will lead you past one after another historic home lovingly restored by Theresa’s company, Full Circle Development. Take a quick look at her website and you will be amazed at all the houses that have come back to life, bringing with them cool new neighbors for us to enjoy. 

She has poured her heart and plenty of funds into reviving our neighborhood, where her family has lived for five generations.  She is also a Dayton creative catalyst, spreading the word that Dayton is a great place to live, work and play.

This year’s Ten Top Women awards will be held Dec. 1 at the Schuster Center. According to DDN, “These women represent the very best our region has to offer, and their stories provide us all with great lessons and inspiration. With this recognition, we offer them our deepest respect and congratulations.”  We totally agree. 

 And as South Parkers know, Theresa is probably one of the few–perhaps the only one–of the hundreds of remarkable women that have been honored over the years–who has no problem getting “down and dirty” to clean up the neighborhood, working in our annual alley sweep. We also know her as a Dayton inventor of one of our favorite beverages, the famous Theresarita.  While the Dayton Daily News will honor her with all the glamour and distinction she fully deserves at the Schuester Center on December 1, I’m sure that later we will happily rub elbows and share stories with her at good old South Park Tavern.  Congratulations Theresa!!

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