Volunteers Needed to Care for the South Park Green Flower Beds

10 Jul

Our neighborhood parks require more care and maintenance than is currently available if we want them to look their best.


Click the image above to download the South Park Green Plot Diagram

The city mows the grass but can offer little else to improve the parks. Our neighborhood organization pays for some upkeep, but cannot afford to devote unlimited resources to park projects. It is often left up to grant proposals for major improvements and these can be scarce and rigid in their requirements.

The Idea: Divide and Conquer to improve and beautify a neighborhood park and garden.

The Plan:

  1. Divide the flower bed area of the South Park Green (at the intersection of Hickory and James Streetsinto individual, manageable plots of similar sizes
  2. Assign plots to caring neighborhood gardeners
  3. Work together to create a showcase flower garden

The plan begins with the area inside the fence at the SPG; this offers a large area of flower garden space that can be maintained and will allow the neighborhood association to focus other resources to the fence line for the biggest benefit.

Suggested Projects: 

  • Control weed growth
  • Prune and trim existing plants
  • Thin perennials
  • Add new plants, flowers and shrubs
  • Add consistent mulch

The Benefit:

Cost free maintenance – relies on volunteers. Work at your own pace – work on your plot at your schedule. Incremental – A daunting project as a whole can be improved in pieces by many hands. A sense of ownership – volunteers can take pride in their garden plot and work to make theirs the best.

Want to Participate?

Download and print a copy of the map. Walk on over to the South Park Green and chose a plot to adopt. Then contact Patrick Reed ([email protected]), he’ll fill you in on all of the details.  It’s  that easy!