Want to Help Make the World a Better Place? Become a Member of the Historic South Park Neighborhood Association

12 Feb

Today you may have received a letter from Amy Lee, President of the Historic South Park neighborhood association, asking you to join or rejoin HSPI. There are so many good reasons for us to work together to support neighborhood improvement initiatives. The things we do together to improve our neighborhood, house by house and block by block, have a real impact. We really are making the world a better place.

The funds we raise through your membership dues and charitable donations go toward our efforts for the physical improvement of South Park, as well as our social programs and safety efforts, which are intertwined. As you know, crime cannot flourish where people meaningfully interact with their neighbors.

We’d love you to send your check for your annual dues today!  (This is also another opportunity for you to make a $25 additional gift to go towards the $5,000 cash match required for our recent $300,000 Community Development Block Grant award.) However, you will notice in your letter that our mailing service forgot to enclose the business reply envelope so if you could kindly supply your own, that would be greatly appreciated.  Apologies for that ommission. You can also pay via Paypal as well by going to to our Neighborhood Association page.

Attached is a PDF of the letter in full, if yours did not arrive in the mail.  Thank you so much for everything you do on behalf of our neighborhood. Click here for a PDF of the letter: HSP Member Campaign 1-2011 LETTER v2