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  • South Park Neighbor Resources

    This page is your connection to the resources provided by South Park to improve our community.

    South Park Hot Sheet summarizes upcoming events, neighborhood news, and volunteer opportunities in a short, printable format. If you have information that you would like to share with your neighbors on events in South Park or the Dayton Area, news of interest, or neighborhood volunteer opportunities, please email Melissa Aldridge at aldridge.mn (at) gmail.com. Please include event name, description, date, time and place, who is invited (or number of volunteers needed), and contact information.

    Recent Hot Sheets in PDF format:

    South Park Interest Groups are being formed to cover issues that our neighborhood faces. Groups are being formed to address maintenance of our public spaces, anti-crime efforts, and business and housing development, to name a few. Please check out the groups that are being formed and volunteer with one today. Just go to the Interest Group page for more details.

    South Park Calendar of Events is here to provide you information. The calendar proivdes you all of the information you need to know what's going on in and around our neighborhood. If you have an event that you need added to the calendar, please email the webmaster at webmaster (at) historicsouthpark.org. Otherwise, just go to the Calendar to see all of the events.

    South Park Street Captains help neighbors resolve problems on their block. The Street Captains empower individuals to resolve their problems by providing knowledge and techniques that have been proven to work in the past. See who your Street Captain is today.

    A copy of the South Park Constitution is available in the Adobe PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader or an equivalent will be needed to view it.

    To use the email addresses listed on this site, replace the " (at) " with the "@" symbol.
    Email webmaster (at) historicsouthpark.org with questions about this site.